Monday, March 19, 2007

Where are you Spring?

So St. Patrick's was a bit o'chilly this year. We had a hard time staying out for long and due to the cold, every pub was packed with 100 people waiting to get inside. We saw some of the parade (highlights as always were the Carrick Pipe and Drum band, plastic green horns you yell at people to blow and this year, saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Mobile and petted a llama) and in the Grant Street Pub, heard some songs on the bagpipes (eyes going misty to Amazing Grace). We skipped Market Square, just passing through cause it was too damn crazy. Station Square is where we ended up and spent the most time here but decided to head home when a). you had to wait about 45 minutes to get into the restroom and b.) you couldn't keep drinking beer because of the cold so your buzz wore off and you were just standing around a lot of loud and drunk people who kept bumping into you and you really hated people in that moment. We headed back home and drank fireside instead, much better!

So when is spring gonna get here already? Here is a narcissus I forced in our kitchen window--it sure thinks it's spring:

I think it smells good but my guy thinks it resembles the scent of our babies' litter boxes. It's weird how different our noses can be sometimes!

Oh, and I need some help indentifying this plant:

Quandary Bartholemieux tried to help but his knowledge of plants is fairly limited, he being an indoor-only kitty. Once when he was young (we fostered him at 6 mos from the animal shelter where I worked as an adoption counselor, the Denver Dumb Friends League, then adopted him because we fell madly in love-I digress...) I took him outside on a harness and leash and he peed all over me when I got him out on the stoop, he was so scared, poor baby! He really hasn't been outside since.
The plant gifted to me today but I don't know what it is and more importantly, how to take care of it. Anyone have any ideas? Muchos gracias!!

One more pic: my guy with Isabella Maria and Madison Penelope vying for his affections- they love him so!


affectioknitter said...

Hi Patricia,

I think what you have there is a pretty Red Cyclamen - I hope so - they're pretty easy to take care of.

Good Luck,

Laura said...

I agree with Teresa - cyclamen. They are wonderful plants. Take care!

Patricia said...

THANK YOU both for your help-I feel so much better now that I know what it is and that it's easy to care for!!!