Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Little Things

First, thanks Teresa and Laura for helping me out with the botany stuff. Looks like Mr. Cyclamen be in da house!

There is a GREEN BELT coming my way. This is serious, major news people. I worked hard for this belt and my head nearly exploded last night while dealing with the Belt Dilemma.

I bought a dress at my fave store, Anthropologie. Of course it was on sale because I can't afford anything in there at regular price, but I stalk their sale racks like no one's business. I captured a lovely dress in a my favorite color (green) in one of my favorite fabrics (corduroy). It fit and was soft and 100% cotton so it fit all of The Rules for Clothing Wishing to Live in My Closet.

When I went to buy it I was told it was supposed to come with a belt. The sales clerk looked hi and lo but could not find it. I decided to buy it anyway, thinking I could probably call Customer Service and get me a belt.

Last night, I called and talked to three people and no one would help with the Belt Dilemma. I heard such things as "we don't sell our dresses in parts" to "we have 2 in your size in stock but they may not really be there(?)." There were some amazingly contradictory statements too like "if we had 60 dresses left we could give you a belt" to "we could never give you a belt because that would always leave one dress beltless." Well guess what? I HAVE A BELTLESS DRESS AND IF I DON'T GET A BELT AND RETURN THIS DRESS, YOU WILL STILL BE LEFT WITH A BELTLESS DRESS, WON'T YOU?

The whole ordeal ended with a manager claiming I could speak to no one further, and denying my request to contact the person above her by hanging up on me. I could only do one other thing: record my experience in an email and send it out into the universe and wait and hope.

Today I got an email back, apologizing for the miscommunication and stating a belt will be sent to me ASAP if I provide my address. I'm so excited and happy about this one piece of news I could burst. Silly, sure but it's the little things. So I will continue to stalk the sale racks at Anthropologie and you should too, just know to email their Customer Service Dept. should you encounter any problems, they rock!

I would also like to give a shout out to a friend who gave me the most kitty-licious fun pack today. I would also like for her to know my guy said this when I showed him the food:
"That should cover a day or so." (The babies eat a LOT). Thought you might laugh at that one!

One more ?-anyone local going to the Yarn Tasting at Knit One? Anyone gone to one before and feel like giving some feedback? THANX!