Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unstable Air

Things just don't feel right lately. Things at home, at work, while shopping. I need some change I think. Problem is I haven't figured out what that change should be or how to make it happen. Today it's been storming, with claps of thunder and streaks of lightning. Maybe it's partly the spring season and inevitable unstable and electrical air making me feel this way. I'm still slowly working on the sweater for the wee one. Only the back is done, I am now on the left front (yes, a cardigan). The longer I take between picking it up, the less I remember the cable pattern so my puttering around is making it take even longer.

These are the "not right" things (maybe if I can list them all it will somehow help):
1. My job (don't even get me started)
2. Sister with some stressful stuff goin' on
3. Mom still on oxygen
4. Aunt who had falling out with mom when I was 14 now wants to contact me and my sisters but not my mom (long story here)
5. Still not feeling stable enough to think about conceiving a child
6. Got a note from the sheriff's dept. to call them about delivery of a legal document yesterday(?!?--Whatever it is, can't be good)
7. Have cramps
8. Insomnia
9. Very frizzy hair due to humidity
10. My guy may be stickin' it to the man at work and walking (I told him to march into my work if he does, pick me up like in "An Officer and a Gentleman" and walk us out the door)

I'm going to stop now because I'm feeling it may not be helping much at all. I'm going to do a tarot spread and try to see some possible solutions here. I will post pics of the "sweater parts" later in the week but just don't have it in me today. If you've read this, I hope I didn't bring you down too much. I just can't vent to Kay or sister or guy right now cause they're all down and need me to listen to their shit and this is the best sounding board I can find. If you have any advice, even about hair or cramps, feel free to share. Oh, I still didn't hear of any local peeps having attended the Yarn Tasting at Knit One on Murray in Sq. Hill-- if you are one such person, can you let me know what you thought?


LaurieG said...
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LaurieG said...

Let's try this again. Cramps: a bottle of wine (my ob/gyn recommended it!) Frizzy hair: recommends Aveda products. Job search, just keep plugging, but you should know this is far from my strong suit. Family, well all I can tell you is to make your choices ones you can live with in the long term. Hang in there, things change.

Laura said...

I agree that things have felt strange lately. I've been watching the red ring around the moon the last few nights with a little bit of wariness. Hope things get better for you soon.