Monday, March 05, 2007

Catching Up with Old Friends

This Saturday my guy and I planted our seeds for our very first in-the-ground garden! We planted Bill's heirloom tomato seeds in half of a large plastic storage bin, the other half of the bin now occupied by some eggplant varieties. The other storage bin consists of green bell peppers, mixed variety bell peppers of many colors, and hot peppers of five varieties. My guy also hooked up a fluorescent light above the flats. Madison Penelope, the Official Inspector for All Things Entering the Premises promptly appeared during planting and stuck one of her four white-socked feet in the soil, reminding us that she LOVES to eat any plant that dares to come inside in the first place. My guy saved the day and used some wire fencing to cover the flats, letting air, water and light in but keeping Ms. Madison Penelope-Pants out, much to her chagrin. We sowed on the full moon, hoping to increase the seed-sprouting potential as much as possible. Here's our set-up in our basement:
Here's a vegan lasagna I made tonight:
It looked better on the table with the salad and bread but I was too hungry to take a picture until after the feast.

So what's the what on the knittery front? A whole lotta dis:
6 skeins to be exact-Classic Elite Yarns Imagine, a cotton/rayon blend. Some old friends that have been hanging around the stash. So what have I done with them? Nothing yet-except for winding one skein into a ball over the weekend. The rayon makes it kinda shiny in places, the cotton muting it a bit. I love the colors in it but I'm not sure about loving it on me.

I DID order some fibre for a House Project. Meaning a project for The House. I can't wait until it gets here! I received a package on Friday much more quickly that anticipated from BPAL. I ordered Shango and Depraved. Love the Shango; Depraved smells, honestly, like dirt to me. Soil with motor oil. Of the two, guess which my guy likes? Dirt (aka Depraved). I could have saved some money and slacked on the hygiene for a while, it seems.

Speaking of my guy, I'll leave you with this:

He's making a small coat rack for a certain little baby nephew of his. The monkey goes on top. Isn't he cute?