Monday, March 12, 2007

Wonder Woman of Knitting

I've been busy! Here is some Celtic-inspired knitwear for a special little friend:

Made of 100% Cotton, it's Knitty's Trellis pattern (for those living in a cave, Knitty being a FREE website full of patterns published on-line--if you knit or are thinking about it, check it out). This is the back of the sweater. Look at how bent the needle under it is? Weird! Not sure if it came like this or my knitting is that powerful! All I need are some bracelets...

Here is my new fibre from Knitpixie:

Allhemp in Brick, 4 skeins. It's hanging on the coat rack for my guy's nephew which is now finished and ready for delivery.

This week is kinda insane. My sister comes up for a visit, strategically planned around St. Patrick's in the hopes of outdoing the fun we had last year. Can't wait to hear some bagpipes and penny whistles.

I planted my holly bush in front of the house, I hope it lives. I've heard I need other holly if I want it to bear berries but am not sure what sex the bush is so I guess I will need to buy two more to be sure, a male and female. Anyone out there know how to properly sex a holly bush? Maybe one day I will get this gardening stuff! In the meantime, you can find me knitting...


Laura said...

I absolutely love the Celtic knits. It is so beautiful! I hope to someday be able to knit things that complicated! I was heartbroken to hear the Steelers released Joey P. I feel like we lost two leaders. Cower and JP. :-(
Take care!

Patricia said...

I hear you on Joey, I'll miss the pre-game drama he could bring like no one else. He was really fun to watch, wasn't he? I was kinda glad Miami picked him up and are paying him well, he can spend his late years in a warmer climate and retire a player at least. Sad it wasn't as a Steeler though... Hopefully the Steelers will be able to hold it together this year, but I know one thing for certain...the fans will never give up on the team! On the cabling, you could really do it now, it's really a lot less complicated than it looks.

Amanda said...

I think some Holly bushes are trans-gender. Well, maybe not trans, but bi-gender? Hemaphroditic Technology is amazing.