Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So I like to recycle. Makes me feel less wasteful and a contributor to the good of the earth. I like doing well by the earth.

This week, we had no blue plastic bag with which to wrap our glass and aluminum bottles in. For some crazy reason here in the 'burgh, you wrap your recycling in plastic rather than placing it in a reusable bin. What happens to the plastic bag? Is it also recycled? Anyway, the bag is supposed to be blue and ours was brown.

We placed it on the curb next to the garbage can, feeling secure the recycle peeps would surely recognize it as glass and aluminum spilling forth and recycle it too.

Cut to me leaving for work. I see the big recycle truck drive by my house as I come down the stairs to the sidewalk. It does not stop for the recycling in the brown plastic bag sitting by our driveway. It moves right on by. It stops a bit down the block, brakes squeaking a bit to emphasize the stoppage.

I spring into action. I throw my stuff (planner, knitting bag, lunch) in the car, then grab the brown plastic bag with bottles and cans. I pick up a beer bottle that was oozing out the top and run down the street towards the truck, bottles and cans clinking within the bag. A man is eating (no lie here), walking and eating some Puff-N-Corn from a bag while tossing the recycling other people bagged in blue into the truck. I run up to him and explain the bag I have, it is recycling. He takes it from me and I apologize that it was not in a blue bag. He says that's ok. I turn and walk back to my car. The sun is warm and things feel better.

Question: If you were my neighbor, would you think I was a little off? I never think of things like this until it's far too late to act with some restraint. At least I should have asked if the plastic bags are recycled. Maybe next week...



Zeeppo said...

I would have just hurled tha bag at the guy. I would have yelled "Stop yer noshing and take my bottles you slacker."

affectioknitter said...

Hi Patricia,

That's probably exactly what I would have done - we do have bins here - but if all your recyclables don't fit in them you have to wait another 2 weeks for pickup - imagine all that paper at Christmas...